Vægdrivhus – Find de 7 bedste drivehuse til vægplacering (2020)

A wall greenhouse is absolutely ideal for those who have a small garden or for the balcony where there is not so much space. Namely, a wall greenhouse fills substantially less than a normal greenhouse, and there are also many benefits to having a wall greenhouse. A wall greenhouse should be placed up against a wall, which will typically be a house wall. This is a great advantage because a house wall gives off heat that the plants in a wall greenhouse can benefit from when the sun goes down and during colder periods. In addition, you can place a wall greenhouse so that you can access it directly from the inside if you place it at a door. It can turn a wall greenhouse into a small conservatory, which can be a nice addition to your home.

In this article you can find out which wall greenhouse to choose and which best fits the space and needs you have. There are several factors that you can consider before buying a wall greenhouse. Here we give you seven good offers for wall greenhouses that fit the small garden, the garden or the balcony. They also vary in size, so there is something for the very small balcony and for you who have a little more space. In addition, you will eventually get some good advice on choosing the right wall greenhouse for you.

Ida Wall Greenhouse# 1 Ida Wall Greenhouse – The best small wall greenhouse

This wall greenhouse is the best small wall greenhouse in this article, and it is also not without reason. It's a really good wall greenhouse for a balcony where space is cramped, but the desire to be a bit self-sufficient is great. The small Ida wall greenhouses are available in 3 sizes, so there is also one that can fit you, your garden or balcony.

Featured benefits:

  • Full standing height inside the wall greenhouse which provides good working opportunities
  • Made of aluminum and glass that allows almost all sunlight to penetrate
  •  Available in three smaller sizes and three larger sizes

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Therefore, choose Ida wall greenhouse

With this Ida wall greenhouse you get a wall greenhouse where almost all sunlight can penetrate. It is made of glass and the frames of the greenhouse are made of aluminum, which allows the sun to easily penetrate. It provides the best conditions for your crops to grow.

Choose the size that suits your garden, patio or balcony

If you choose an Ida greenhouse, you get six options in size. There are three small models and three large ones. It allows you to find one that fits your outdoor area no matter how big or small it is. In addition, the Ida wall greenhouses are designed perfectly for plant bags, making it easy for you to plant your favorite crops directly in them.

Product details:

  • Size variants: 0.9 m2, 1.3 m2, 3.3 m2, 5.2 m2, 6.5 m2 and 7.8 m2
  • Total height: From 1.84 meters to 2.21 meters
  • Number of windows: 1
  • Length: From 1.32 meters to 3.87 meters

Halls Balcony 2# 2 Halls Balcony 2 – best cheap wall greenhouse

This wall greenhouse from Halls is this article's best cheap wall greenhouse. It is a really good greenhouse for a balcony or smaller terrace as it only takes up 0.9 m2 in total, which is also all the space on which you can grow your crops. In addition, it is not an expensive investment to purchase this wall greenhouse from Halls, which may be good if you want to test if it is for you.

Featured benefits: 

  • Wall greenhouse polycarbonate which makes the glass strong and durable
  • Sliding door that is easy to open and does not take up space on the balcony or terrace
  • Windows that can be opened in the roof

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Therefore, choose Hall's balcony 2 wall greenhouse

You must choose this small and good wall greenhouse from Halls, because you get a solid and durable wall greenhouse. The glass, which is 4 mm thick, is made of polycarbonate, which is a very durable material. You therefore get a greenhouse that you can have for a long time and that does not break in the next storm.

Stylish wall greenhouse 

With this wall greenhouse from Halls you get a simple and stylish wall greenhouse, where you can keep track of how your vegetables and other crops are doing. You can follow the outside and it can give some life and a nice look on the small balcony or terrace. In addition, Hall's balcony 2 wall greenhouses are made of glass and aluminum, which fit into any location.

Product details:

  • Length: 132 cm
  • Height: 140/172 cm
  • Width: 69 cm
  • Area for cultivation: 9.1 m2
  • 4 mm glass in polycarbonate

Juliana City Greenhouse Greenhouse# 3 Juliana City Greenhouse Greenhouse – The greenhouse with storage space

This greenhouse is absolutely perfect for you with very little space on for example a balcony or smaller terrace. The Juliana City Greenhouse greenhouse is only 0.32 m2 in size and is therefore one of the smaller greenhouses in this article. It's not just a greenhouse. It can really decorate your little balcony or terrace with the green and black edges of the greenhouse in combination with the clear glass from which you can keep an eye on your plants.

Featured benefits:

  • Space for storage in the lower part of the greenhouse
  • Equipped with 3 hooks where you can hang garden tools
  • Shelves with the opportunity to water plants from below

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Therefore, choose the Juliana City Greenhouse greenhouse

The greenhouse is small but really stylish and it can fit in on all balconies or terraces. It doesn't take up much, but despite its small size, there is room to plant many plants. There is some storage in this greenhouse as the greenhouse is equipped with shelves and hooks in the lower part of the greenhouse where you can both plant plants and store other items for use in the greenhouse and for planting.

Three shelves for plants that can be watered from below 

Although this greenhouse is relatively small, the cramped space is utilized really well. The greenhouse has three hanging shelves where you can have plants or herbs standing. The nice thing about these three shelves is that you can water the plants from below. Product details:

  • Size: 0.32 m2
  • Length: 80 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Height: 139/158 cm
  • Glass: 4 mm
  • Material: black aluminum

Hall's balcony 3 # 4 Hall's balcony 3 – the green and natural greenhouse

This Hall greenhouse is good for a balcony where you have a lot of plants and thus a greenhouse. Hall's balcony 3 greenhouse is 1.3 m2 and therefore it is also a smaller wall greenhouse compared to other greenhouses in this article. Hall's balcony 3 is natural in its expression and the green color will complement all the plants you can grow in this greenhouse.

Featured benefits:

  • Natural green shade design
  • Good standing height for planting and working inside the greenhouse
  • Suitable for both balcony and smaller terrace

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Therefore, choose Hall's balcony 3

You must choose this Hall's balcony 3 wall greenhouse if you like a natural and clean expression for your new greenhouse. The greenhouse from Halls is designed with green borders, which fits your plants really well. In addition, there is one window that you can open at the top of the greenhouse, which can trap both air and rainwater. That way you can sometimes get rid of water yourself and just let the rain do the work.

Space for tall plants 

Although this is one of the smaller walled greenhouses, you can easily grow tall and large plants inside the greenhouse. It is a wall greenhouse with a height of 1.82 centimeters, where it is the highest. This provides good opportunities for growing cucumbers and tomatoes in this Hall's greenhouse, as these plants can grow relatively tall over time.

product Details

  • Size: 1.3 m2
  • Length: 1.94 meters
  • Width: 0.69 meters
  • Height: 1.82 meters
  • 4 mm poly glass

Juliana Veranda 6.6 m2# 5 Juliana Veranda 6.6 m2- best luxury wall greenhouse

If you want a luxurious greenhouse with plenty of space and a stylish design, choose this Juliana Veranda greenhouse. It is designed in anthracite and black, which makes it very stylish and fits any terrace and garden. In this Juliana Veranda greenhouse you get everything you need, and then there is even room for you to create a cozy nook in there.

Featured benefits 

  • Double front doors that give a cozy look
  • Window in the side of the greenhouse which provides optimal ventilation
  • Large gutter, which is equipped with a tilt bracket for easy cleaning

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12.432,00 12.432,00 Køb nu
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12.842,00 12.842,00 Køb nu

Therefore, choose Juliana Veranda 6.6 m2

This Juliana Veranda greenhouse is 6.6 m2 and you get a luxurious greenhouse without straight. This is reflected both in the design and in the boats and in the features built into this wall greenhouse. A side window is built in to ensure good ventilation and fresh air inside the greenhouse. In addition, it is equipped with a large gutter, which is easy and simple to clean leaves and other debris. The gutter can be tilted so it is easy to clean.

Room for peace and quiet 

This is not just a greenhouse where you can put your plants. You can also make room for yourself so you can enjoy and watch your plants grow, but also enjoy the warmth that arises in a greenhouse. There is room for a chair and a smaller table depending on how many plants you want in your greenhouse. The double barn door also allows easy access to the greenhouse and you can open the entire front to create even more ventilation on a hot day.

product Details

  • Size: 6.6 m2
  • Length: 296 cm
  • Width: 221 cm
  • Height: 245 cm
  • Material: 3 mm safety glass in the sides and 10 mm pearl white polycarbonate as roof

Juliana Veranda 4.4 m2# 6 Juliana Veranda 4.4 m2 – the open greenhouse

This greenhouse from Juliana is a really nice and stable wall greenhouse, in the colors anthracite and black, which gives the greenhouse some edge. It is ideal for placement on a house wall, as both the greenhouse and the wall will be heated over days, giving you the best conditions for your plants and crops.

Featured benefits 

  • Low door step for easy access and easy access to plants and jars
  • Good height that allows you to plant and grow tall plants
  • Double front barn doors giving good access to the entire greenhouse

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10.774,00 10.774,00 Køb nu
10.774,00 10.774,00 Køb nu
11.129,60 11.129,60 Køb nu

Therefore, choose Juliana Veranda 4.4 m2

If you want a nice and stylish wall greenhouse that looks stylish and nice at the same time, choose this Juliana Veranda wall greenhouse. It is black and anthracite and it has a size that can fit in most gardens or terraces. In addition, it is a greenhouse where every detail has been thought about both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Spacious and open wall greenhouse 

A Juliana Veranda wall greenhouse is both spacious and open despite its size. It is 4.4 m2 in size, but the large double barn doors allow you to open the entire front, giving good and free access to the entire greenhouse. Furthermore, the door step to this greenhouse is very low, which makes it easy to get heavy jars into the greenhouse, and you should not be nervous about falling over a high step at the entrance. In addition, it is equipped with a side window to ensure good ventilation.

product Details

  • Size: 4.4 m2
  • Length: 1.49 meters
  • Width: 2.96 meters
  • Height: 2.31 meters
  • Material: 3 mm tempered glass
  • 40 mm gutter with tilt function

Juliana Urban Balcony# 7 Juliana Urban Balcony – the hanging greenhouse

If you have a lack of space on your balcony, but also green fingers, you need this greenhouse from Juliana. It does not take up floor space from your balcony as it can simply hang on the railing. With this Juliana Urban Balcony greenhouse you can easily live out your dreams of plants and vegetables, even if you live in the big city with a smaller balcony.

Featured benefits: 

  • Can be hung on railings or a wall and does not occupy floor space
  • Stylish greenhouse with black edges
  • Space for tall plants

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6.795,00 6.795,00 Køb nu

Therefore, choose the Juliana Urban Balcony

With this Juliana Urban Balcony greenhouse, you can easily grow herbs and other plants on your balcony, even if you don't have a lot of space. This greenhouse simply requires you to have a railing or wall on your balcony where there is room for the greenhouse to be hung. It is a greenhouse that fits into any balcony and it is extremely modern and clean as it is made with black edges and clear 4mm tempered glass.

Grow your favorite plants and herbs

Although this greenhouse is a relatively small greenhouse, there is room for your absolute favorite plants or herbs. Basically, there is room for 2 to 3 plants or herbs, and since the greenhouse is high, there is room for your plants to grow long and tall. You can also hang small shelves inside the greenhouse itself, leaving room for even more plants.

Product details:

  • Length: 0.6 meters
  • Width: 0.27 meters
  • Height: 0.79 meters
  • Material: 4 mm tempered glass
  • 1 window

Should you choose a wall greenhouse on offer or a cheap wall greenhouse?

There is a big difference in how much a wall greenhouse costs. Of course, it depends a lot on how big a wall greenhouse you need, but you can often and often find good deals on wall greenhouses online. So if you pay attention, you can save a lot of money on your dream wall greenhouse and you can get what you want. There is a general difference in the price of wall greenhouses, and it depends, among other things, on the materials in which the different greenhouses are produced. By buying a wall greenhouse on offer, you may be able to buy a wall greenhouse with more features than you could otherwise afford. So you can get an even better wall greenhouse if you buy it on offer.

Hvilket vægdrivhus skal du vælge?

Der er rigtig mange forskellige vægdrivhuse at vælge imellem, og det kan være svært at finde ud af, hvilket du skal vælge til netop din have, terrasse eller altan. Der er nogle forskellige faktorer, som du med fordel kan tage højde for, inden du vælger et vægdrivhus. De faktorer kan du læse mere om her, så du får købt det bedste vægdrivhus til dine behov og ønsker.

Hvor skal dit drivhus placeres?

Først og fremmest skal du finde ud af, hvor det nye vægdrivhus skal placeres. Er det på en terrasse, på en altan eller i en have, det skal stå? Det er meget afgørende for, hvor stort eller småt dit nye vægdrivhus skal være. Når du har fundet ud af det, kan du forholdsvis nemt sortere nogle vægdrivhuse fra, hvis de er for store til der, hvor det skal placeres hjemme hos dig. Du kan derudover også overveje, om du vil have et drivhus, hvor der er plads til, at du kan skabe en hyggelig krog med en stol og et lille bord. Det kan gøre, at du kan bruge dit drivhus i koldere perioder, fordi drivhuset optager varme og holder på den. Det kan gøre, at dit drivhus bliver mere end bare et drivhus til dine planter. Det kan gøre det til et ekstra uderum, som du kan bruge i lange perioder – også når det bliver koldt udenfor.

Vægdrivhus til en altan

Hvis du er på udkig efter et vægdrivhus til din altan, er det vigtigt, at du gør op med dig selv, hvor meget plads dette nye vægdrivhus på optage. En altan har begrænset plads, og det kan derfor være vigtigt, at du nøje overvejer, hvor meget det må fylde. Hvis du har en lille altan, kan det være, at et hængende drivhus er den rette løsning for dig. Nogle af de mindre vægdrivhuse fås også med hjul, hvilket kan være praktisk, hvis du har en altan. I så fald kan du rykke rundt på dit drivhus efter behov.

Hvor mange planter vil du dyrke?

Du skal dog også finde ud af, hvor meget du reelt skal bruge dette nye vægdrivhus. Der kan være forskel på, hvor meget plads du har brug for afhængig af, hvor mange planter du vil dyrke. Vil du bare gerne gro få krydderurter, eller vil du skabe en grøn oase med alle dine yndlingsurter og grøntsager? Der er ingen grund til at have et stort vægdrivhus, hvis ikke du har grønne fingre og ønsker at fylde det ud.

Vælg et drivhus, der passer til omgivelserne

If you would like your new greenhouse to be an integral part of your patio, garden or balcony, you may want to choose a greenhouse that you like in both functionality and appearance. If you find a greenhouse that is not only convenient but also fits your taste, you will certainly be happier too – especially if it has been placed where you see it daily. Wall greenhouse wood can be found, but in this article we have included only greenhouses in steel and aluminum. These are available in several colors and expressions, some being more raw and others more pleasant and soft in their expression. You need to find a wall greenhouse that fits your house, garden or balcony and which you think is nice to look at.

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